Skill & Sunlight Patch 0.78

This February brings Damnation City of Death a new patch including improved skill system and more sunlight. Check detailed notes below.

Sunlight & Color correction

Damnation City of Death now supports sunray effect to bring more life and light into the city.The applied color correction transforms the colors for making the city appear more natural.


Game now features a brand new skills system.
We are still working on some more skills to have them playable in the game.

Featured skills in the system:


Rations – Getting hungry and thirsty takes longer
Healthy drinks – Drink any liquid to return small amount of lost blood
Toughness – Receive less damage from hits
Regeneration – Lost blood regenerates faster


Breakfall – Fall higher without taking damage
Sneak – Enemies won’t hear you sneaking behind them
Surprise attack – Kill an enemy swiftly if it hasn’t noticed you


Sniper – Headshot does more damage


City now has more props and landmarks for greater variety. Enemies are now placed more closer to player for more action. World is now more optimized. Added new house floors for more variation.


Login screen now properly messages if game doesn’t find Steam, when logging in.
Account password can be changed in main menu.
Menu chat is now updated.


  • New fall animation for player.
  • New fall damage detection system.
  • Fixed ground not having collision in some parts of the city.
  • Fixed old save files messing with new player character rendering it invisible.
  • Enemies now will stop chasing player if they can’t find player.
  • Enemy AI updated for improved player detection system.
  • Day lighting is now slightly brighter.
  • Fixed NPC characters disappearing without a reason from NPC base.
  • Now server options always show the correct difficulty setting.
  • Fixed old backpack disappearing when replacing one backpack with another.

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