January Update v0.93

Yesterday we released a new update to the game, which improves sounds, animations, NPC missions and brings various other improvements.


Added additional audiosource for the player character, so we can play more sounds at the same time. Added more jumping and landing sounds for smaller vertical movements. Added new meatier melee hitting sounds for each melee weapon. Added new hit types and sounds. Updated hostile NPC base trap sound effect.


Added vertical movement to hands when player moves vertically. Added reload animation for M4 weapon. Added missing animations for melee attacks, so the player attacks won’t stop in mid-air. Added more impact to melee hit animations. Improved player movement animations.


Updated all particles for hits. Walls and furniture make more appropriate particle effects when being hit.


Added mission generator to Jack, which creates an endless amount of quests for him. Added a talking animation for the roaming NPC.


We added an additional DirectX9 build of the game, which fixes API incompatibility problems, what might happen on older machines. If your game crashes when trying to make a server or when joining one, then you should try this version.


  • Removed Christmas decorations from the game as the holidays ended.
  • Improved Ghoul spawner, so the sewer will be less empty.
  • Added a new system for player to hold an item in hand. Flare can now be held in hand before throwing.
  • Added more spawn points to city blocks.

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