Key Features


Story driven introduction

  • The Game has an introductory game mode to help new players know the mechanics and background story of the game.

Dynamic enviroment

  • Procedurally generated city. Everytime you start a new world the city will be different.
  • Day to night cycle. The Game transitions seamessly from day to night. Night also brings new threats.

Base building and crafting

  • Protect yourself by building a base from various of different materials.
  • Craft items for your survival from items found by scavenging the city.


  • Enemies vary from zombies to large monsters to embrace the co-op aspect of the game.
  • Other players can still be a large threat to you, when player versus player is activated.


  • You have weapons to fight off the zombies, monsters and other players.
  • Weapons vary from shovel to barret 50.cal.


  • The Game has drivable cars, which help to move faster around the city.




Features in game currently

Story mission – Play the introductory mission to begin your survival in the city.

Online multiplayer – Play with your friends or with other people around the world.

Persistent player profile – Play with your character on any pc.

Inventory – Carry your equipment and items to survive.

Crafting – Build a base or important items for your survival.

Cars – Drive around the city, crush some zombies and take your pal on a ride.

Future plans

More enemy types.

More wild animals.

More craftable items.

More NPC characters.

Better and more animations.

Optimization and improved performance.

The Early access version might have some bugs, which will be fixed in the full release of the game.


Damnation City of Death uses Unity Analytics to improve player experience with collecting anonymous data from player actions.

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