Story update 0.94 – New game mode

We have now released an intro update, which has a new playable intro story game mode and improvements to the main game. The Intro helps new players to adapt the game’s core mechanics and to know about the story of the city and the game. Watch a preview video of the intro from the link down below.

Patch notes

A new story driven game mode added to the game. A good way for new players to get introduced to the game mechanics and story. The Intro has been in development for 2 years and now is been released to the public.

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Added new menu sounds. Improved menu graphics. Music volume can be adjusted separately. Updated brightness setting menu to represent the actual effect on game. Increased maximum brightness setting.


  • A weapon will automatically be equipped, when picked up, if a weapon slot is available.
  • Added audio mixer.
  • Updated NPC animations.
  • Improved controller support.
  • Added sound for harvesting.
  • Updated rain.
  • Animal xp is now saved.
  • Flashlight decreases slower and is reset on death.
  • Added HUD visibility levels. They offer various choices for the visibility of UI elements.
  • Updated global fog.
  • Updated achievements. All of them can now be unlocked and progress can be checked in the achievement list.
  • Fixed harvestable object synchronization.
  • Zombies are now less likely to miss when trying to destroy crafted objects.

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