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  1. Jani Kyllästinen

    Moro samuli ois ihan kiva jos sais kupongin :DD

  2. Hello…I have A question and plz send the answer to my email…
    are there anymore Updates for D city of death?
    and one more question : Are You working on a new projcet?
    what about Damnation City of Death 2?
    theres any game in progress?
    im waiting for your answer….tnx alot

  3. Hello, I own a channel in Brazil on youtube with over 150k subs and 1 Million views per month. And the game you have, we very interested in doing some videos in cooperative mode and would like to know if there is interest in the company in this matter.

    My proposal: the company sends 6 key, to be able to run the game in co-op and make a series of videos about the game, showing all content and updates.

    The channel is intended:

    Lucas Sehenth

  4. Hello, I am sending this email if you are interested you advertise on their game “Damnation City of Death” here in my country Spain. I have a youtube channel and could give enough publicity, all you need is a key of your game and I’ll be happy to record my channel for its magnificent game.
    A greeting.
    My channel:

  5. Hello,
    I am George from and my team want to make review of your game Damnation City of Death. If you can to prove us a copy of the game. At GameBox, we’re all about having fun, but when it comes to reviews we take things seriously. Reviewing games is the most important thing we do, because this is when we help you make a decision about how to spend your money. Our goal is twofold: Offer a critical view of how a game succeeds or fails at what it’s trying to do, and to give you all the info needed to determine if a game is worth your time and hard-earned cash.


  6. Hello Antiproto team,

    I’m Michael, editor-in-chief of Russian gaming site Riot Pixels ( – trailers & news/reviews/other
    publications on Russian; – multilanguage database,
    core of the project). By the way, we’re the only one gaming magazine
    from Russia tracking by Metacritic:

    Could you please give us Damnation – City of Death code for
    our weekly digest of Steam Early Access projects (we’ll review final
    release too)?

    Thank you in advance!

    P.S. In case you’re worried if this is a legit request for keys, you can
    find my work email (Editor-in-Chief) here – (at the bottom of the page).

    Best regards,
    Michael “Redguard” Kalinchenkov,

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