Development news

Currently our development team is working on numerous updates to the game. Here is a small sneak peek what the next patch will bring.

New terrain

This is the biggest feature we are currently working on. There will be changes on how the city will look like giving it a more realistic layout.

DamnationCityofDeath 2015-11-08 14-53-18-57 DamnationCityofDeath 2015-11-08 14-53-52-26

Visiting landmarks

Visiting landmarks

New player character

We are going to change the soldier character to a civilian. The new character model not only looks better but is also better animated. We are working on the game’s background story and this has something to do with it …


Precise aim

In many FPS games player can aim precisely with a gun. We will provide you a precise aim also in Damnation. Bullets are not always easily found from the map so better hit your target when shooting!


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